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Healthy Home Tips Blog

Here at Delta Chem-Dry, we care about more than just making carpets smell good. We want to make your home a healthier place – from the bacteria on your countertops and tile to the air you breathe.

Although simple, these items on this list are often overlooked for far too long and we know that any gross spot in your home can snowball into something much worse. So here are the basics:


1. Sanitize high touch points around the house.

My mom used to send me around the whole house wiping down door knobs and the surrounding area on the door. That wasn’t a chore I loved, but it got me thinking…

We spend so much time wiping down the toilet and kitchen sink, but don’t do much for areas that we are constantly touching with our bare hands.

Door knobs, toilet handles, faucets, light switches. Clean them as often as you can, especially if you have a lot of people in your home!


2. Keep carpets and rugs clean.

Now of course Chem-Dry is going to tell you to do this, right?

The thing is – it’s extremely important – and there is science to support that.

Improve the life and appearance of your carpets by vacuuming weekly, preferably with one that has either a HEPA filter or a microfiltration system. And then, after months of doing that, when dirt and allergens and bacteria and toxins get stuck down deep into the carpet fibers, have them professionally cleaned. Of course, you can pick whomever you want to do that job, but just know that our carbonated cleaning process is renowned and incredibly effective.

The EPA recommends getting carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year, and in homes with pets and/or children, it recommends two to three times per year. For homeowners with pets, it’s advisable to find a professional cleaning service that has an effective urine detection and removal process.

Be rid of many allergy symptoms and even unpleasant scents with our unique cleaning methods.


3. Don’t forget about your upholstered furniture.

This is the one I forget about the most. Carpets you remember to clean because they start to get dirty and less comfy, and you can remember to wipe down door knobs because they’re gross. But we forget upholstered furniture – even though we can spend so much time there!

Couches and chairs actually collect particles like dust, dirt, and allergens. This is actually a good thing since they filter that stuff out of the air we breathe. But then you sit down or just wait until the chair is full of nasty stuff and POOF it’s all back in the air.

Vacuum upholstered furniture and reach out to a professional cleaning service once a year or so.


4. Regularly wipe down countertops.

Bread crumbs on the countertop could lead you to something far worse: settling dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergen particles. Use a mild cleaner on granite or tile and make sure to keep your sealer fresh. Harder countertops just need a good scrub here and there.


5. Use door mats or area rugs in entry ways and high-traffic areas.

Door mats and area rugs do a great job of trapping dirt and allergens before they enter the heart of your home. Using door mats and area rugs is an effective and inexpensive way to prevent unwanted and unhealthy particles from getting deeper into your home or from remaining in the air where they can spread more easily to members of the family.


6. Check and replace your heating and air conditioning filters.

While furnaces are vital to keeping homes warm in the colder months, it’s important to change the furnace air filter at regular intervals to prevent dirt, dust and other unhealthy particles from being distributed around the house.

Pro Tip: Remind yourself when it’s time to change the filter by writing down the date of the replacement on the outer edge of the new filter that you’re installing. How else would you remember that?? 


If you’re reading this post, you’re on the right track to a beautiful, healthy home. We’re here to help you in any way we can so give us a call in Los Angeles or in San Fernando or read more from our clean home blog!