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“Delta Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning service has come through for us time and time again, no matter how challenging the job, they seem to find a way to make it work and are quite reasonable.  

Joe the owner is always on top of things, his professionalism and excellent service is the reason why he is our first and only call for all of these years whenever there is a move-out by our tenants.  The crew (Jose) he sends out is reliable, calls ahead before arrival, and they’re courteous.  After the cleaning, carpets are looking quite amazing every time.  Delta Chem-Dry’s a delight to work with and we highly recommend!”


Los Angelas, CA

“Joe and his team did an excellent job on the wall to wall carpets in my 3 bedroom home. This company is professional, flexible and the rugs look brand new. They took all precautions and kept me in the loop on what they were working on. Plus Joe is local and takes pride in making his customers happy. Pick this company- I’m glad I did.”

Jessica A.

Woodland Hills, CA

“Joe S. was a pleasure to deal with. I needed my carpets cleaned and he was the first to get back to me. His men did a great job. They were on time, polite and my carpets look really nice. I have already recommended Delta Chem-Dry to my neighbors. Thank you Joe & Crew!”

Kelle K.

Woodland Hills, CA

“We have used Chem-Dry two times and LEGIT this one is the best!!!!!!! After using 4 carpet cleaning services this year. They were the only ones to actually get the stains out to where they didn’t come back within a month. I actually didn’t know you could get carpets that clean. We sent several friends and family their number right away.”
Tiffany M.

Los Angeles, CA

“I have been a Delta Chem-Dry customer for years. Joe, the owner is professional and strives for excellence. Joe goes above and beyond. In emergency situations, Joe has personally done whatever needed to be done at that time to assure that our carpets were protected and cared for properly. Jose takes time and care while cleaning the carpets. He is cheerful and dedicates himself to meeting the needs of the job. Joe and Jose have never let me down and I use them multiple times per year. I highly recommend Delta Chem-Dry for the finest carpet care.”
Savanna S.

Woodland Hills, CA

“Can you believe it? It’s been over a decade since my first review of Delta Chem-Dry. They came out yesterday and made my carpets look like new again. They aren’t cheapest, but in this case, you definitely get what you pay for.”
Marsha C.

Northridge, CA

“Barry called to let me know when he was going to show up. Asked me what area I noticed needed more attention. He took his time and cleaned my area. I had another carpet cleaning company come the day before and it was night and day difference. Barry was great and he is very polite, courteous, and very welcoming. I recommend Barry for your carpet cleaning.”

Shirley L.

Northridge, CA

“Yesterday I had my carpets cleaned for the first time by Delta Chem-Dry and it was truly a 5 star experience!
I called in the morning and by the afternoon they were on time, ready to help me! José and Jacinto were very friendly and patient considering the elevator in my building was broken. Quickly and efficiently these men were in and out in less than an hour and even helped me move my furniture! Before, my carpet had one large stain in the middle of the floor and now, the carpet looks brand new! Another great feature of their service was the fast drying time, within 2 hours I could walk on the carpet and move my furniture back in place!
As a young woman, I felt comfortable with these men in my apartment, and satisfied with the excellent service and result! I would highly recommend them! Thank you Delta Chem-Dry”
Skye M.

Thousand Oaks, CA

“I needed same day emergency service after one of my kids got sick. They came within the hour and were very nice and helpful. The stain (and smell) were removed and my carpet is fantastic. Jose is the best.”
Lauren B.

Los Angeles, CA

“Salt Water disaster!! I have a 120 gallon salt water aquarium and as I was putting the plumbing in I had a couple breaks and 2 times I had about 10 gallons of water come out on the carpet. Joe was so helpful and they came each time, did an extraction, lifted the carpet and left a blower to dry then came back and put the carpet back as if nothing had happened and took great care of me. The 2nd time was not even a month after and Joe set it up for just a quick fix and didn’t charge me an arm and a leg just for the small area I had to do.

They are professional, quick and polite, and competitively priced. I live in Redondo Beach and they came out, they cover all over the LA area. You can’t go wrong.”

Steven S.

Redondo Beach, CA

“There was a bit of a snafu in that I called to schedule but due to a miscommunication they thought it was a week later than I did. I called them on the morning of (having taken a day off). They were apologetic and accommodating and were able to send someone the same day. That person did an excellent job at a reasonable price. Stuff happens, but they dealt with it perfectly. The cleaning job and price were excellent.”
A J.

West Hills, CA

“Carpets look clean, much cleaner in fact, than washing ourselves and dry so much faster. They were very nice and reasonably priced.”
Eric P.

Los Angeles, CA

“I have been using this company for about 8 years I’m so grateful to have someone I can trust to come in my home and clean my carpets and upholsteries they leave every thing smelling brand new and sparkling clean The whole staff is so friendly and accommodating feels like I’m catching up with an old friend every time thank you Joe for providing such excellent service 5 stars every time!!!!”
Giavonna W.

Los Angeles, CA

“Very polite and courteous workers. I was a little late showing up to let them in and the man kept telling me not to worry. They were efficient and fast and politely answered all my questions. Carpets look great. They were also the first carpet cleaning place out of three others that answered their phone without putting me on hold or telling me they needed to call back or not answering at all.”
Mary K.

Westwood, Los Angeles, CA

“They were amazing at fixing a problem. On time, with a very polite attitude. They went above and beyond to make me happy. Thank you to Jose and the owner Joe. I will recommend them to my friends and clients in the future!”
Catherine M.

Los Angeles, CA

“Over the past few years, I have been using a carpet cleaning company that I thought was good & reasonable, but I wish I had used Delta Chem-Dry sooner!! Joel & Thomas were punctual, professional and did an excellent job on my whole house this morning. We have a higher end wool carpeting about 1000 sq ft was cleaned. They got some stains out that I was told (by the other company) wouldn’t come out. Both technicians were careful and courteous with our furniture. My appointments were all handled by Joe, who made sure to answer any questions I had and as a business owner myself, this is just what a client/customer needs to hear! I will always call this company when I need any carpet care services in the future!! Thank you for making me such a happy customer!”

Kimberly B.

Los Angeles, CA

“I had a coupon that came in a mailer for this company. I wanted to try cleaning with a chem cleaning, instead using a lot of water and have soggy, wet carpets. The man came today, his name was Joel, and he did a fantastic job. They made sure to honor the coupon and Joe, the person who arranged was friendly, professional, and very helpful. Joel worked fast, but very carefully and removed every stain, including some strawberry stains on the steps! My carpets were very dirty and they now look brand new. There is absolutely no type of odor from the chem clean and you could walk/use the carpets right away! This is the only way and company that I’ll ever use again. Thank you again to Joel and Joe!”

Patty T.

Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve been a regular with Delta Chem Dry for quite a long time. I tried another company only because our carpet salesman had suggested it. They couldn’t compare with Joe, Amin and their staff. Today I had them again and a new person came (Joe Gonzales). A conscientious & very nice young man…he was terrific, fast and very good. These people are really excellent.”
Sondra C.

Los Angeles, CA

“Great service, on time, clean and efficient. Would recommend them to anybody that needs their carpets cleaned.”
Barbara K.

Los Angeles, CA

“I never leave reviews, but this one deserves the recognition.  I could not have been happier with the people, the communication, the work or the up-front transparency of price from this company.

I have gotten my area rugs and stairs cleaned by numerous other companies and have always felt a bit taken advantage of by rude people or with a switch and bait tactic on cost.  I didn’t have that problem today.  It was the opposite.  

I found Delta Chem Dry on a google search of local l.a. cleaners.  Joe was upfront on the cost estimate, which didn’t change when the cleaners arrived.  His staff were EXTREMELY NICE and friendly.  I felt very at ease with them in my home, especially with a new baby and a pandemic.  (Masks and safety measures were made by all). The tools and process they use make the job so quick!  No heavy, bulky equipment to bring in, just a hose that easily came into my upstairs duplex even all the way to the back room.   For 2 area rugs, an upholstered chair and entry stairs, they were in and out in probably less than an hour.  

Like I said, I don’t give reviews but I want to support nice people who do great work, especially local businesses these days, and I would highly recommend these guys.”

Carrie A.

San Diego, CA

“Everything about my experience with delta chem-dry was perfect – above and beyond my expectations: From scheduling and answering my questions to the price and friendliness of the staff. But most important of all, they got out my stains that a previous cleaner wasn’t able to get out and the carpet looked amazing! And an added bonus, it dries super fast.”

David S.

San Francisco, CA

With being home all the time with COVID. I decided to have my couch and area rug cleaned. They came in with masks and kept their work area tidy. They cleaned both my couches and rug in under two hours. They look and smell super clean. It took about 3 days to dry, but it is worth it!!”

Laura M.

Porter Ranch, CA

“I am so happy I found Joe!!! I have a lovely cream carpet that was very dirty from usage and my beloved blind sweet dog. She has had accidents on this rug, which I would clean, but it never bounced back to its glory! Joe did such an amazing job! He went above and beyond to make it sparkle! I would highly recommend him. He really cares about his results. And I am a very small job. Which says even more about the professionalism!”
Karenne D.

Los Angeles, CA

“Professional, fast & efficient. What more could you want? Very satisfied with Joe’s crew. Jose & colleague were right on time. Did a great job. So friendly too! Thrilled we now have a reliable company for our annual carpet cleaning. Highly recommend!”
Y. K.

Los Angeles, CA

“I am impressed by their candor which you don’t find often with small businesses. When you ask for quotes, a lot of business owners mislead you, nickel and dime you, or don’t respond at all! Delta Chem-Dry responded literally within 10min of my quote request and took time to speak to me about my inquiry and asked me to send them some pictures of my carpet to talk in details which I didn’t experience with any other carpet cleaners. They are honest and experienced. What more can you ask? If you’re looking for a carpet/upholstery cleaning, don’t hesitate to contact them. You won’t be disappointed!”

Thalia K.

San Fernando, CA

“My carpet looks brand new and it was a mess thanks to my 2 dogs!!!! The owner was very nice on the phone and the carpet cleaners were professional. They got the job done efficiently and quickly. I highly recommend Delta!!!”
Erin C.

Calabasas, CA

“Barry did an exceptional job cleaning my stairs and hallway. I had some stubborn stains that would just not go away with over the counter cleaners. Out of the three local cleaning companies I called, they responded the quickest and had the best price. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”

Jenny C.

Calabasas, CA

“These guys stand by their work 100%. I was very impressed with the owner Joe and Oscar and his partner. Great guys. They did a great job.”
Gary E.

Woodland Hills, CA

“They are very professional and very great customer service. They did a great job on my carpet”

Porter Ranch, CA

“There are many Chem-Dry shops but only one Delta. I called them by mistake thinking I was calling another Chem Dry. Joe is the owner and was very responsive. Jose (not the same as Joe) and his co-workers came to my house and gave me a fair and reasonable quote. But I must say that I am totally impressed by the job that Jose did. They moved a bunch of stuff so they could better clean. They used the buffer because they said I didn’t need to do the deep spray and they put everything back perfectly. Buffer was the perfect solution and the house dried quickly. I did the sanitizer and the PURT treatment. Most importantly, my whole family noticed the difference. Go with Delta!”
Scott F.

Los Angeles, CA

“Joe worked with us to coordinate the cleaning of my brother-in-laws condominium, following the clean up of 25+ years of neglect. We were unable to replace the carpets, and thought we’d give it a try, to at least clean it as best we could. Joe’s crew came out and cleaned the entire condo, plus quite a bit of furniture. It came out wonderfully, far beyond our expectations. He also was willing to work with us on price/payment options, due to the cost of such a large and complex job. I would 100% recommend them to anyone. I noticed the one bad review, and wonder if they tried to contact Joe to revisit the job? In my experience with them, I’d find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t try to rectify the situation to the best of their ability.”
Renay H.

Moreno Valley, CA

“If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company, look no further.  This company quotes you a price, and does not arrive and start adding on cost.  They did an excellent job cleaning the carpet, including stairs and heavy traffic areas.  The carpet looks new.  The carpet was dry in about 3 hours.  After calling the “coupon” companies and having the price rise exponentially  while trying to schedule an appointment – It was refreshing to receive a honest  quote that was more than reasonable ,  good service and a job well done.”
R P.

Chatsworth, CA

“Great job, Great customer service. I had a few stubborn spots that reappeared after the carpet dried, but they came back free of charge and the spots cleaned up beautifully the 2nd time. Really friendly guys that came, and friendly phone service from Joe. Plus is dries in just a few hours!”
Becky M.

Citrus Heights, CA

“Fabulous!! First off, the owner is on point – always accommodating, always polite and ready to work with any schedule. His crew of guys cleaning the carpets are the best. Thorough and so sweet. My carpets look ahhhmazing and the stains do not come back in a month. Thank you so much.”

Los Angeles, CA

“I called Joe yesterday and a two-man crew came out first thing this morning. They got out stubborn grease/oil stains from suitcase wheels that went through leaky car oil grease in the parking lot and then brought onto my light gray carpeting. I thought I would have to buy brand new carpet as I had tried about 8 different highly rated spray on carpet cleaning products. I have used Joe’s service for 20+ years and can attest that Joe makes sure everything is done right and as quickly as possible. Reasonable rates! I would not even consider calling another company!”
Dave M.

Woodland Hills, CA

“VERY busy with a move, change, re-design, so to stop, download photos and write a review is VERY low on my priority, yet they did such a GREAT JOB I am forcing myself to take the time to do this. Needed to find someone to clean my carpets ASAP. Called around, got this and that info. Then after speaking to Joe I booked. WOW, two different jobs, both AMAZING. I was taken aback they did such good job. I took photos because I was SO skeptical in the beginning – wanted to put them on alert – if not a good job, BEWARE! The OPPOSITE happened! MUCH much better job than expected, great customer service, good price, on time, quick and just a really GREAT JOB, NO JOKE. I was amazed. You can count on this company and Joe. Solid in his word, solid in their work.”
Sammy S.

Los Angeles, CA

“This company actually cares to do the best job they can do…my baby vomited on his bedroom carpet…BIG MESS! I called in the morning, they came by in the afternoon. When they left they told me if it still smells they will come back. And naturally (because i rubbed it in while cleaning initially) it did. They came by a second time and it still smelled. I was embarrassed to call again but I did anyway and Joe (owner, I think) said he wanted to come again and try one last thing. He personally came this time with his really nice employee and it worked, the smell is gone. I was so close to having the carpet replaced. This company sincerely cares about their work and customer satisfaction and I am very pleased.”
Danna I.

Los Angeles, CA

“I have been using Delta Chem dry now for ten years having had cats for eight of those years and now a puppy still in training. Needless to say the carpets have taken a beating over the years and not been replaced because moving the grand piano isn’t really an option. Besides which, Joe’s team, especially Jose, have managed to make it look like new every time they come. Sure, steam cleaning is less expensive but with Chem Dry the carpets dry much more quickly and stains seem to just disappear. Since we got the puppy we have had multiple pet stains and the carpets were looking truly awful but after using the normal chemical treatments and agreeing that the extra pet treatments were advisable we were thrilled to see how practically brand new the carpets looked. One could argue that it is a tad expensive but you get what you pay for and our home looks and smells wonderful now. Thanks Joe and Jose! :)”
Susan D.

Los Angeles, CA

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