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Even carpets that appear to be clean can be hiding more than meets the eye.

If a healthy home is your goal, consider these 9 nasty things that could be hiding in your carpet and how Delta Chem-Dry of San Fernando Valley can get rid of them.  

9 Nasty Things That Are Probably In Your Carpet

The following contaminants that are commonly found in the average household’s carpet might make you squirm.

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#1 – Dangerous bacteria

Perhaps the most worrisome thing in carpet is what you can’t see. E Coli, Staph, and Salmonella cause a variety of illnesses and are often found in household carpets. That means that your carpet could contain 40,000 times more bacteria than a toilet seat!

#2 – Pet urine and feces

That’s right—even if it appears that you’ve thoroughly cleaned up your pet’s messes, remnants of their waste is frequently found in carpet fibers. Plus, their odors remain trapped in carpet until eliminated with a pet urine removal treatment.

#3 – Harmful chemicals

Whatever floats around in the air of your home will make its way into your carpet—including cleaning chemicals, paint particles, and more. Plus, a lot of carpet cleaning companies use toxic chemicals in their cleaning solutions, which is why it’s wise to consider green, natural carpet cleaning from Chem-Dry to protect your family and pets.

#4 – Dirt and dust

While routine vacuuming does help, the average home accumulates about 40 pounds of dust each year—which can be tough to stay on top of. These particles can cause allergies and other health problems. The good news is, regular professional carpet cleaning can help keep dust and dirt under control.

#5 – Hair, dander, and dead skin

Carpets absorb hair, dander, and dead skin from humans and pets like a sponge. Fleas, ticks, and dust mites feed on these dead skin cells and can cause serious health concerns.

#6 – Tiny bugs

Ticks, fleas, and dust mite that live in carpet are not only unsanitary but can cause respiratory issues and allergies.

#7- Allergens

In addition to bugs, pet hair, pollen, and other contaminants trapped in carpet fibers can cause chronic allergies, too.

#8 – Nasty odors

Did you know that vacuuming alone can’t get rid of carpet odors? That’s right—whatever you’re cooking at home or odors from pet urine soak deep into your carpet and continually release into the area you breath. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning can remove those lingering odors, and our pet urine removal treatment can break down odor crystals left behind by your fur babies.

#9 – Mold and mildew

When too much moisture is used in the carpet cleaning process or if you experience flood damage, dangerous mold and mildew can begin to grow within days. Luckily, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses 80% less water than steam cleaners, and our water damage restoration service can help prevent the growth of harmful mold.

Carpet Cleaning In San Fernando Valley, California

If your skin is crawling thinking about all the things that could be hiding in your carpet, call Delta Chem-Dry! By scheduling your professional carpet cleaning service about every 6 months, you can rest easy knowing that you have a clean, healthy home.

Save $20 on carpet cleaning or $40 on carpet and upholstery cleaning from Delta Chem-Dry in San Fernando Valley!