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Professional carpet cleaning in the San Fernando Valley

A Deeper Cleaning For a Healthier Home


Delta Chem-Dry in the San Fernando Valley has become a trusted name in carpet cleaning for thousands of households for good reason. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process delivers a deeper, longer-lasting carpet cleaning. Combined with our powerful cleaning solution that is all-natural and safe to use around your kids and pets, you’ll have drier, cleaner, and healthier carpets in no time.


Chem-dry technician cleaning carpet with HCE powerhead

Drier. Cleaner. Healthier. Cleaning


DRIER. The Delta Chem-Dry cleaning process uses approximately 80% less water than typical steam cleaning. Have dry carpets in a matter of hours, not days. This means you and your family can get back to enjoying your home sooner.

CLEANER. Our primary solution is carbonated and works like club soda. The carbonation lifts dirt from deep within your carpets so it can be whisked away by our powerful extraction equipment. This unique approach to carpet cleaning gives you the most thorough cleaning and doesn’t leave behind a dirt-attracting residue, so your carpets stay cleaner longer.

HEALTHIER. Because we use a low-water method, there is far less risk of mold and mildew growth under your carpet that often results from the excessive water used by steam cleaning. We also use an all-natural cleaning solution that does not contain any harsh soaps or chemicals and is completely safe and non-toxic to use around your family and pets.

“I’m a very happy customer!  It’s such a great feeling when you find an amazing company and can trust them every time they do work in your home.  I’ve used Delta Chen Dry on multiple occasions to clean many different items in my home.  They do excellent work.  Even better, they are kind and trustworthy, always on time and so easy to work with.”

Libby H.

Carpet Cleaning in San Fernando

Delta Chem-Dry’s Carpet Cleaning Process


We wanted to know how effective our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process is at cleaning carpets and upholstery. Chem-Dry commissioned a leading independent laboratory to conduct a study on our HCE process. The lab found that our process removes common household non-living allergens from carpets and upholstery. The common allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite allergens. You can be assured that our innovative cleaning process is both gentle on your carpets and upholstery and effective at deeply cleaning your home.

So what’s the wait? Schedule your next carpet cleaning appointment today!

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